fosterHave you ever seen circumstances that aren’t right and you couldn’t let them go?

Circumstances that moved you to action? Leaving you with sleepless nights until something changed?

That’s how it all started.

We began to pray and felt that God had really given us a burden for foster care…not only for our family, but for the system as a whole. This concept was daunting…we have always had a heart for foster care, but didn’t know what we could do to make a difference and felt that it would be too difficult to love a child and let them go. But time and time again, we clearly heard God say “Why is your pain more important than their need for love?” Wow!

And the One27 Initiative was born.

James 1:27 says, “Here are the kinds of beliefs that God our Father accepts as pure and without fault. When widows and children who have no parents are in trouble, take care of them.”

Children who have no parents. We like this translation because it doesn’t use the word orphan. “Orphan” speaks to an identity…”children without parents” speaks to circumstance. Circumstances can change…and we wanted to be a part of that change.

This was our call to action and we were ready to move.

We started dreaming about how we could come alongside the city agencies in the foster community and better equip them to meet the needs of the kids. We weren’t sure how we were actually going to get boots on the ground, but just knew to be obedient with what God was placing in our hearts. And – like only God can do – every time we took one step, He provided the next two.

We continue to walk out the steps laid before us…linking arms with city agencies, local churches, and local businesses to make a difference. To create care and community. To foster hope.